Update Sheet for the current edition of the

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New addresses and phones, terminated job sources, newly–discovered job sources!

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If you have discovered any other changes, discrepancies or typographical errors that scurried by our proofreaders, please email the corrections to the author at dl@planningcommunications.com. We will post these changes here and on the print version of this Update Sheet.

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This latest Update Sheet was posted on July 1, 2006.

Chapter 2 — Online job search

Page 24:
World Wide Web Worm, a search engine has been terminated. Cross it out.

Page 33:
The Riley Guide
has moved again to a new Internet location at URL: http://www.rileyguide.com.

Add: Job Source Network located at Internet URL: http://www.jobsourcenetwork.com offers a mind–boggling array of links to web sites you can use in your job search: job databases, resume databases, and directories. You can search for jobs by job title and location. Check it out.

Page 34:
Intellimatch Online Career Center
 has gone out of business. Cross it out.

Page 37:
Randall Hansen’s very valuable Quintessential Career and Job–Hunting Resources Guide has moved to http://www.quintcareers.com.

Chapter 3 — General job sources
Page 41:
The new address and phone for The Employment Review are: Recourse Communications, Suite 1600, 1655 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33401; phone: 561/686–6800.

Add to “Job Services” beginning on Page 46:
located on the Internet at URL: http://www.joboptions.com offers a job database you can search by job category, location, and/or keywords. If you select “Job Alert,” the operators of the site will email new job openings to you that match your specifications. In addition you can post your resume for free via email. You can also search thousands of companies by location, industry, and/or keywords and then email your resume to the companies you select.

JobSpin located on the Internet at URL: http://www.jobspin.com offers a job database with over 10,000 job openings in the private sector as well as a resume database employers search. Click on "Search Jobs" to get to the most flexible search tools. Enter your keywords, select a city and/state, a job category, and/or job target (student, entry-level, mid-career, management, senior management, executive) to search for jobs in your field - or simply select a field listed on the home page. Job listings include deadline dates. Job listings include deadline dates. You can apply online by clicking on the "Send my application" button, but must register for free first. If you register, you can post your resume online for employers to search.

Chapter 5 — Apparel and accessories
Add to “Job Services” on Page 69:
Garments Only, located on the Internet at URL: http://www.garmentsonly.com is a focused job website, listing hundreds of jobs in all aspects of the clothing and fashion industry: Jobs in Garment Industry, Jobs in Fashion Industry, Jobs in Textile, Jobs in Retail, Jobs for Merchandisers, Jobs for Buyers, Jobs for Garment Engineers, Jobs of Pattern Masters, Jobs in Sales & Marketing and more. You can also set up a free account to receive email notices of new job postings that meet your criteria. You can also post your resume for free on this site’s online resume database for employers to find.

Chapter 8 — Business

Page 82:
The Search Bulletin has changed its subscription prices and added an online edition. Virginia residents must add 4.5 percent sales tax to the subscription rates. Print edition: $145/12 week subscription, $230/24 weeks, $370/48 weeks. Online Internet edition: $125/12 week subscription, $195/24 weeks, $325/48 weeks. 

Chapter 9 —Environment

Page 112:
Environmental Opportunities has moved back to the east coast. You can contact it at: P.O. Box 1253, Edgartown, MA 02539; phone: 508/627–7418. When you use the discount coupon on page 509, be sure to use this new address.

The Caretaker Gazette has changed its subscription prices and moved to P.O. Box 4005, Bergheim, TX 78004; phone: 830/336-3939. You can see sample listings on its web site at http://www.caretaker.org. $29.95/annual subscription U.S., $35.95/elsewhere; $49.95/two–year subscription U.S., $61.95/elsewhere; $69.95/three–year subscription U.S., $87.95/elsewhere;  The number of job openings in the usual issue has nearly doubled.

Chapter 15 — Financial industry
Page 127: Add: Controller Magazine (P.O. Box 357, Loveland, CO 80539–9959; phone: 800/650–1769) monthly, $59/annual subscription, $125/Canada (in Canadian dollars), $89/Mexico and Central America, $115/elsewhere. You'll find ads for about a dozen positions for controllers, financial managers, and internal auditors under “Marketplace.” Nearly all the advertised positions are posted here by executive recruitment firms.

Chapter 17 — Health care
Page 163: Add new category “Job Services,” and insert the following entry:
dentist TREE (P.O. Box 4920, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-0920) appears on the Internet at URL: http://www.dentisttree.com where you will find three job–search tools for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, office managers and staff, and lab technicians. To access the job and resume databases, select “Employment” where you can search for vacancies by location and specialty. You can also post your resume for free. Your name is left out of your posted resume and is not given to an employer until the employer “purchases” your resume. The vacancies are current adn real because employers pay to advertise their vacancies. The home page also offers the choice of “Practice Sales” where you can find dental practices for sale.

Chapter 18 — High technology: Computers
Page 205:
has greatly expanded its job ad section under the banner “Enterprise Careers” (no, this not a reference to “Star Trek” — if it were, Paramount would have sued InfoWorld for trademark infringement) where the magazine now features display ads for ten to 50 positions.

at Internet URL: http://www.techies.com   offers job databases for information technology professionals in the metropolitan areas of Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and St. Paul–Minneapolis, MN. The operators expect the site to add job listings for another 15 metropolitan areas by the end of 1999. Also featured on the site are links to 300 employers with i.t. jobs. This site started operating on March 22, 1999. Allow time for it to grow.

Page 207:
GIS World
recently moved to: Suite 100, 400 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524; phone: 970/221–0037.

Add the following two job services to Page 210:
BYTE JobNet offers a multitude of job services in the computer industry at URL: http://www.byte.com/jobnet. You can search the BYTE JobNet IT Job Bank, create an updatable online resume, reply automatically to job ads, and receive notifications of information technology jobs by email. You can keep your identity in the resume database confidential.

jobEngine includes easily–searchable listings for thousands of current vacancies in all aspects of the computer industry, including cellular technology. Visit http://www.jobengine.com/ where you can search job openings by state, job title, description, company, and/or distance in miles from your specified zip code. You can apply directly online. You place your resume in jobengine's files by cutting and pasting from your word processsor or text editor. Once in its files, you can easily recall your resume when you apply for a listed job. Employers pay to advertise their vacancies here. The operators also provide job–matching services for employers.

Info Jobs offers a job database with over 2,000 positions for information technology professionals. You can search by keyword(s), job title, and/or by region or state. Located at Internet URL: http://www.infojobs.com, this site also offers a free service called “JobAlert” under which you are sent a daily email containing announcements of job openings that meet your criteria.

Page 217: The GIS World GeoDirectory published by GIS World has moved to: Suite 100, 400 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524; phone: 970/221–0037.

Add to Page 219:
1998 InfoWorld Compensation Survey appeared in the June 15, 1998 issue of InfoWorld magazine. This far–ranging survey of information technology professionals may still be available from InfoWorld’s web site at: http://www.infoworld.com. The survey reports on average salaries by region and job title, by company size, education, selected metropolitan area, and industry.

Wageweb located at URL: http://www.wageweb.com charges $100 for salaries for 150 different job titles categorized by industry, company size, and location.

PinPoint Salary Service located at URL: http://members.aol.com/payraises. This service charges $95 to search a database of salary information published by the Economic Research Institute (http://www.erieri.com) to get detailed compensation assessments from a number of salary surveys. They’ll create a customized list of median and maximum salary ranges for each specified job title which are evaulated by region and years of experience.

Chapter 20 — Legal services
Page 231: We're sorry to report that the Lawyer's Career Transition Network has folded. Cross it out. You may also want to cross out the coupon for it on page 510.

Chapter 22 — The media
Page 261: Add Communications Roundtable at Internet URL: http://www.roundtable.org/ and select “Career and Employment” where you will find about 30 job openings for public relations, communications, marketing, advertising, and graphic artists. The site also includes a  thorough listing of media professional periodicals (some with job ads), links to other Internet sites, and lists of career resources including books and web sites. The site also includes information about the Career Roundtable’s directory of the 230 executive search firms that serve its target audience.

Pages 292–296: Rachel P.R. Services has disappeared. Its phones in California and New York have been disconnected. We've written to it at its California and New York addresses, but have not heard back. So for the time being, assume that its considerable offerings are not available. These include PR Marcom Jobs West – Southern California, PR Marcom Jobs West – Northern California and Pacific Northwest, PR Marcom Jobs Mid–America, PR Marcom Jobs East, Job Bank Gratis, The Source, and Executive Recruiter Labels. You should also cross out the coupon on page 511.

Page 294: Add National PR Network at Internet URL: http://www.usprnet.com where you will find a plethora of helpful job–search tools. Select “Employment” and where you can then choose the “Resume Directory” where you can electronically place your resume for public relations firms to see it. You cannot, however, keep your identity confidential. Scroll down to “Data Entry Forms” where you will find the “Jobs Mailing List.” Here you can subscribe for free to receive emails with job listings in public relations. For an interactive directory of public relations and ad agencies, go back to the home page and click on “PR Finder” which will link you to 2,500 communications industry web sites, public relations services, and associations.

Chapter 23 — Museums and Libraries
Page 302: The new URL for Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology Jobline is: http://www.cis.drexel.edu/placement/placement.html.  

Chapter 25 — Personnel and human resources
Page 315: New address for HR News: 1800 Duke St., Alexandria, VA 22314.

Chapter 27 — Planning and economic development
Page 325: The American Planning Association now posts jobs on its web site at URL: http://www.planning.org/. These job vacancies are not necessarily the same as those advertised in JobMart or in Planning magazine.

Page 326: GIS World recently moved to: Suite 100, 400 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524; phone: 970/221–0037.

Chapter 33 — Science & Engineering
Page 376:
Add the following job service:
IIE Career Center (Institute of Industrial Engineers, 25 Technology Park, Norcross, GA 30092; phones: 800/494–0460, 770/449–0461) free. Go to Internet URL: http://www.iienet.org where you can choose from several services. Select “IEE Resume Referral Service” where you can submit your resume by email or real world mail for free/members, $100/professional nonmembers, $25/student/nonmembers. You can block up to three companies from seeing your name and resume. Under “Positions Available,” pick “Current Openings” to see available positions (there were none there when we last visited the site). Here you will also find links to about a dozen other web sites that list jobs for industrial engineers. Click on “Positions Wanted” to place your own job–seeking announcement. Thanks to Job Finder reader Michael Hill for alerting us to this recently–established site.

Page 395: The Energy & Environmental Industry Survey is actually available from the Association of Energy Engineers, 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., Suite 420, Atlanta, GA 30340; phone: 770/447–5083). Prices (all orders must be prepaid): $95/nonmembers (to order by credit card, call 770/925-9558); $50/members (call 770/447–5083 to order by credit card). All orders add $5/shipping; Georgia residents must add 4 percent sales tax. Do not contact Public Utilities Report to obtain this salary survey. Sorry for the error in the book.

Chapter 38 — Transportation
Page 418–419:
Airline Employee Placement Service
: New annual dues: $99/pilots; $59/flight attendants; $59/all others. New Internet URL: http://www.aeps.com/. Jobs are posted for 90 days. About five new positions are added every weekday. The cost to submit your resume by email has risen to $49; by fax or real world mail, $79. However you can update your resume once at  no charge. The number of companies that use this service has grown to over 3,000.

Global Employment  Opportunities (P.O. box 462151, Aurora, CO 80046; phone: 303/683–2322) now costs $15/month. Its new Internet URL is: http://www.aeac.net. To access its large database of job openings, you must first join and pay the $15 monthly fee.

Space Careers
, located at Internet URL: http://www.space-careers.com offers over 400 “links directly related to space jobs.” To access the links, select “Enter” and then “Careers.” You will then be able to see the links under the following categories: Civil agencies/International organizations; Satellite manufacturers and subcontractors; Ground systems, software and equipment; Launch systems; Business services (financing, insurance, etc.), and Consulting/Engineering services. This site also includes listings of space jobs, accessed by clicking on the “Hot Jobs” button and then selecting “Current Job Openings.” All–in–all, this is the essential site for anybody who seeks to work in the aerospace industry.

Chapter 39 — Savvy job sources for each state
The company that publishes the Job Seekers Sourcesbooks has closed its doors and the books are now unavailable for purchase anywhere. You may be able to find them in your local library. If your local library does not have the one you want, be sure to ask the librarian to check the inter–library loan system, if there is one, for a copy elsewhere. We apologize, but these resource books became unavailable, with no advance warning, after our book was printed.

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming:
It appears that the wonderful Rocky Mountain Employment Newsletter has ceased publication. We’ll let you know if we can confirm this as soon as we get confirmation. The phone number has been disconnected with no forwarding number listed.

Pages 440–441:
JobSmart: California Job Search Guide is now JobStar (Bay Area Library and Information System) free. On the Internet go to URL: http://www.jobstar.org/ and behold its wealth of job resources, focused on San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Try not to be overwhelmed. To find job openings in California, choose the appropriate link under the “Get to Work” column .You’ll find links to scores of job banks that list jobs of all types as well as a link to sites where bulletin board services with job ads are listed.

There’s still more at JobStar. You can get the phone numbers for over 500 job hotlines, mostly for private sector companies. That’s not all folks! You can find links to over 300 salary surveys by picking “Salary Info.” There’s also solid advice offered on all aspects of the job–search process.

Page 443: The Job Search site has closed down. The URL is no longer valid and the contact information is no longer valid. Do not call the phone number; it has been reassigned to a residence.
Hoover's Guide to the Top Southern California Companies has gone out of print. Click here to see our online catalog for alternatives.

Page 444: The last sentence on the page should instruct you to first pick "Job Service" and then choose “List of EDO JobService Locations.”

Budget–stretching discount coupons
Page 509: Environmental Opportunities has moved to the east coast. You can contact it at: P.O. Box 1253, Edgartown, MA 02539; phone: 508/627–7418.

Page 510: The Lawyer's Career Transition Network has closed its doors. Cross out the coupon for it.

It appears that the wonderful Rocky Mountain Employment Newsletter has ceased publication. We’ll let you know if we can confirm this as soon as we get confirmation. The phone number has been disconnected with no forwarding number listed.

Page 511: Rachel P.R. Services has disappeared. Its phones in California and New York have been disconnected. We've written to it at its California and New York addresses, but have not heard back. So for the time being, assume that its considerable offerings are not available.

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