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The Job Finder’s Hot List

All the changed job hotline phone numbers, new phones, terminated job hotlines — to keep your book current.

Companies often change or discontinue their job hotline numbers, especially as many shift to using the Internet to announce vacancies. This Update Sheet will apprise you of these changes that our readers have brought to our attention.

If you find that a job hotline listed in this book has been disconnected or is no longer a job hotline number, please email us at update@planningcommunications.com. Be sure to specify the name of the employer and the page of the book where the errant listing appears. We will post these changes here and on the print version of this Update Sheet.

This Update Sheet can be printed from your Web browser by selecting “File” and then “Print.” Be sure to print out all pages.

Be sure to note these changes in your copy of the National Job Hotline Directory: The Job Finder’s Hot List.

Changes are listed by chapter and page in the current 1999 edition of the book. This is the final edition of this book.

This latest Update Sheet was posted here on March 30, 2004.

Throughout the book under
“Computers & Computer Related”:

In nearly every state chapter of the book, under the heading, “Computers   & Computer Related,” you will find a listing for International Business Machines (National). Two last two digits were transposed. Do not call the number in the book. The correct number is disconnected as of 2003. We do not know of any replacement number.

Chapter 10 — District of Columbia
Page 110
Urban Institute: Its new job hotline number is: 202/261–5604

Chapter 12 — Georgia
Page 129
Center for Disease Control's job hotline number has been changed to a toll–free number: 888/232–4473. You can choose to listen to job vacancies or have them faxed to you. Openings are also listed on the agency's web site at URL: http://www.cdc.gov.

Page 134:
GTE Personal Communications Services’ job hotline is no longer valid. Do NOT call this number. It is not a hotline and is no longer assigned to GTE.

Chapter 55 — Toll–Free Job Hotline Numbers:
Page 340: To the beginning of this chapter, add America’s Jobline,
an audio version of America’s Job Bank which the federal government operates. Over 900,000 jobs, mostly in the private sector or business world, but also in government, education, and nonprofits, are listed here. When you call, you will get an introductory message from the state in which you are calling. After a serious of announcements you will be asked to set up your i.d. Once done, you can access audio job announcements for the type of job that interests you. While much slower to use than the online version, this one is completely accessible to people unable to see a computer screen.

Page 341: Add the following entry under “Federal Government”:
Center for Disease Control:

Page 349: Under “Miscellaneous,” we’ve got two changes:
Duke Power Company (Charlotte, NC) has changed its name to Duke Energy. The toll–free number given on page 349 now refers you to the company’s web site at URL: http://www.duke-energy.com where you will find announcements of job vacancies with the company. Duke Energy does maintain a job hotline number in Charlotte, NC, at 704/382–4993, but it is not toll–free.

Ertl Company (Dyerville, IA) no longer offers a job hotline.

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