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Last updated September 15, 2006

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Foreign & Commonwealth Office — Country Advice: The URL has been changed to one that's a bit easier to remember and use: . Under “Services,” click on “Travel Advice.”  Then click on “Travel Advice by Country.” There’s also a link to discuss “The Risk of Terrorism when Travelling Overseas.”

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Online Sports–Job Link: This site has not updated its job listings since February 25, 2003. We have written to them to learn the Career Center’s status and will let you know what is it as soon as we hear back from them. So far, we have not heard back from them.

Page 52:
ZooNet: After six years of operating, ZooNet closed shop. A big “thank you” to reader Samuel Leung who told us about these first two changes.

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Financial Careers is no longer operating.

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Job Vacancies
This excellent non–commercial website offers detailed job listings for over 300 (and growing) positions worldwide with the United Nations and 30 other international organizations including the World Health Organization. You can browse job listings by organization, job type, and country. The home page tells you how many jobs are listed and the dates on which new jobs were added. Right under the banner “Job Vacancies,” you can click on “New vacancies” to see a list of newer listings. Clicking on “Expiring Soon” gets you the jobs with application deadlines within next three days. Each job announcement is very extensive. Pay attention to the closing date for each job listing. You cannot apply for positions directly from this website. This fledgling site first appeared in October 2004 and is a very welcome addition to the online job search.

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EMDS is no longer operating.

Page 95:
ACCESS is no longer operating. Both websites no longer exist.

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India Business Directory (Amelia Publications, 99-C, 2nd Floor, Pocket E, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi - 110 095, India; phone: 011-55257954; email: price: Rs. 1,800 (contact Amelia Publications for shipping cost to destinations outside India); 640 pages, 2004, free updates via email in 2004. The first of its kind for India, this comprehensive and updated directory provides the name of each company's CEO or managing director along with her address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses for the 1000 top multi–national companies; 1,000 top public and private sector companies; major banks, finance and insurance companies; Apex trade and industry organizations; domestic and international airlines operating in India; CRS & TRS Companies; hotel chains and star hotels all over India; top travel agents and tour operators and associations; Central and State government tourism departments and NTOs; foreign embassies in India; and more.

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Jobs Ireland’s site is no longer operating.

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Jobs Network UK’s site is no longer operating.

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I work very hard. Employment Portal. If you're looking for employment or just a way to expand you experience. Employment Portal with links to lots of other Employment Related subjects i.e. search engine results and career web sites with 1000s of careers. Includes links to companies taking on staff, advice on curriculum vitae, letter writing, employment law, salaries, job descriptions, interview questions and answers, etc. A Job Search results site.

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Internet Solution's site is no longer operating.

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