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Posted July 1, 2006


Pages 78, 109, and 117:
CIEE: New contact information (the toll–free number, (888) 268–6245 remains the same:
Council on International Educational Exchange
7 Custom House Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, ME 04101
Tel.: (207) 553–7600
Fax: (207) 553–7669

This the only change we know of as of August 11, 2004. Surely there are others and we hope you will send us an email to tell us about any changes you know of so we can post them here. Please be sure to tell us the page of the book the listing is on, the name of the job source, and what has changed. Thank you for helping us help your fellow seekers of jobs, internships, and seasonal work in Europe.


Thanks very much.

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