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Why we published

Dream It Do It:
Inspiring Stories of Dreams Come True

From the publisher:

I’m about as much of a “Doubting Thomas” as they come. But something about Graciela’s and Sharon’s proposal for Dream It Do It really intrigued me. And when I read the authors’ manuscript, I was positively inspired. There’s none of the typical balderdash here. Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander really did spend four years researching and interviewing literally hundreds of famous and unknown dream achievers to find out what makes them tick and to learn how and why they achieved their dreams when so many of us have not. Many of them had to overcome often insurmountable obstacles to make it: repeated rejection by the gatekeepers of their chosen fields, severe physical and mental abuse, discrimination, loneliness, discouragement from all around them, “disabilities” and amputation, rape, teenage pregnancy, debilitating disease, moving to a foreign land, and more.

But Sharon and Graciela saw some commonalties in these dream achievers, what they call the ten elements of “Dream CPR.” I’ve got to admit I had a healthy dose of skepticism when I started reading their manuscript. But by the time I was halfway through it, I was convinced they had come up with a clear and cohesive approach to reviving our dreams. So inspired was I that I’ve started working toward achieving one of my most heartfelt career goals which may take me away from publishing for a while.

If they could inspire an incurable skeptic like me, I figured they must have something very real here. So I decided to take a chance and publish Dream It Do It: Inspiring Stories of Dreams Come True even though I’d published only career books for 14 years. And by the time you finish reading Dream It Do It, I’m sure you’ll agree that this risk (one of the elements of “Dream CPR”) was well worth while.
-- Daniel Lauber, publisher

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