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Dream It Do It:
Inspiring Stories
of Dreams Come True

by Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander

Trade paperback: $16.95, 238 pages, ISBN: 1–884587–30–5



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1    Dream It

2    Dream CPR

The Elements of Dream CPR

Confidence: Trust yourself

Courage: Summon your strength

Commitment: Stay focused

Creativity: Imagine your reality

Purpose: Reach higher

Passion: Love what you do

Persistence: Keep trying

Resilience: Bounce back

Risk: Take a leap of faith

Responsibility: Choose wisely

Becoming a Dream Achiever

3    Confidence: Believe In Yourself

Harrison Ford: Acting on his own terms

Cale Kenney: Wild Woman on Skis

Nancy Archuleta: High School Dropout Soars to CEO

Build Your Confidence

4    Courage: Conquer Your Fears

Marigold Linton: Blazing New Trails

Lance Armstrong: A Tour de Force

Stephanie Ngo Pham: Stranger in a Strange Land

Courage to Move Forward With Your Dreams

5    Commitment: Devote Yourself

Barbara Vogel: Encouraging Students to STOP Slavery

Tiger Woods: Legend in his Time

Cynthia Hess: Career Psychic by Choice

Commit Yourself to Your Dream

6    Creativity: Create a New Reality

Bill Nye: Experimenting With Fun

Susan Titcomb and David MacKay: Recipe for Success

Phil Vischer: Higher Calling Leads to Big Idea

Creativity Breeds Dreams

7    Purpose: Find Your Reason to Dream

Beverley Berlin Mas: Turning Tragedy into Tenderness

Binh Nguyen Rybacki: Reaching Out to Forgotten Children

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter: Post-Presidential Peacemakers

Purpose is the Reason Behind Our Dreams

8    Passion: Get Fired Up

Gloria Estefan: Unstoppable Singing Sensation

Michael Clarke Duncan: Ditch-Digger No More

Eileen Collins: Where No Woman Had Gone Before

Carl Nicholas Karcher: From Hot Dog Stand to Fast Food Empire

Passion Fuels Your Dreams

9    Persistence: Try and Try Again

Barbara Walters: Breaking Broadcast Barriers

Edward A. Berger: Revolutionary AIDS Researcher

Janette Fennell: Safety Standards that Save Lives

Persistence in an Instant Gratification Society

10    Resilience: Rise Up With Hope

Richard Bloch: Sharing a Wealth of Hope
[We're very saddened to report that Mr. Bloch died on July 21, 2004 at the age of 78.
His inspirational work through the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation continues.]

Maya Angelou: Writing the Wrongs

Doug West: The Power of Calm

Susanne Blake: Finding Spiritual Sustenance

Learn Resilience to Recover from Blows

11    Risk: Take a Chance

Yo-Yo Ma: Exploring Artistic Frontiers

Connie Brady: Putting Children’s Needs First

George Fullerton: Developing a Newfangled Guitar

David Howard: High Stakes in High-Tech

Take a Risk to Grow Your Dreams

12    Responsibility: Choose Wisely

Doug and Wendy Ishii: Marriage of Art and Science

Christy Curtis: Following her Conscience

Mary O’Donnell: Paving a Women’s Road to Recovery

Dennis Weaver: Leading Man Fights for the Backdrops

Take Responsibility for Your Dreams

13    Nine Keys

14    Do It!

Breathe Life into Your Dream

Go For It!


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