What the Experts Say About Our 2007 Naperville AI

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“Certainly the best AI I have ever seen … we hope to see more AIs that follow the format and intent of the AI for the City of Naperville… this approach is long overdue.”
— Rob Breymaier, Executive Director Oak Park Regional Housing Center

“Simply the best effort I have seen….

“Because I believe the Naperville AI establishes a ’gold standard,‘ reinventing and reinvigorating this important community planning process, I have encouraged HUD to use it as a model for other communities.

“Rather than simply mechanically reporting data, the Naperville AI applies planning principles … to a host of important issues affecting opportunities…. The depth and inter–connectedness of the resulting recommendations raises the bar on what can be expected in an AI.

“Skillfully translated complicated data and planning principles into a document that can be read and absorbed by non–professionals.”
— Michael Allen, Relman & Dane, Washington, DC

Innovative use of data … ability to weave together the vast array of statistical data on all the disparate elements of the housing industry into very concrete and clear recommendationsholistic approach….

“The structure and approach Mr. Lauber took in identifying impediments and making recommendations was so impressive that we used it as a model for Ashland’s AI.

“A very clear and concise analysis that is easily accessible by non–fair housing experts. His presentation takes a wide set of very complicated data and articulates it in a way that cuts away the complexity, and summaries it in an easy to understand format. Yet, his presentation does this without losing the significance of the more complicated elements.”
— Moloy Good, Executive Director, Fair Housing Council of Oregon

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